Available courses

This course will give tips and tricks for completing Incident Reports for Harford County Public Library.

This is a course to help you learn to use Polaris LEAP.  If you have any questions, you can email PolarisQuestions@hcplonline.org.

This is a course that is currently in development to train branch staff on using 3D printers.

Tableau is a data visualization software that connects to Polaris and Passport to provide real-time data reports.  This course will provide a basic overview of Tableau functionality and how it can be used to make better informed decisions for our libraries.

Training for new staff and volunteers in the Innovation Lab.

If you are attending the day long Story Time Training, this video is pre-work. You will want to schedule 1 1/2 hours of your time to watch this video. We will discuss it in the large group Story Time Training. Enjoy! 

This "course" will serve as an archive for HCPL digital resources training material.

Mission Statement:The Library and Information Services Training (LIST) will serve as a foundation for information service to the public according to Harford County Public Library (HCPL) Customer Service Guidelines. LIST will reinforce that staff are integral in achieving excellence in customer service.  Training will emphasize basic knowledge of professional tools and resources used by librarians in day to day service, and an understanding of the types of services Harford County Public Library deliveries to its customer in-branch, in the community, and online.

Welcome to the Harford County Public Library team! 

You are now part of the staff of one of the best public libraries in the country. 

This orientation, along with your meetings with HR Staff will provide you an overview of the library system and how we work together to serve the public of Harford County.